How to Use

Listing Your Influences

When you’re ready to start documenting your influences, simply click on the “My Influences” link at the top of the homepage, or the “List Your Influences” button. Once there you’ll have several options for choosing your influences and sharing your stories about them. The first way is through the easy to use category search boxes for music, books, or film. For best results we recommend:

  • Music – search by song or album name
  • Book – search by author or title
  • Film – search by film name

More influence categories are coming soon, including Fine Art, Photography, and Architecture. You can also upload your own influences with images or videos from YouTube. So, if our database doesn’t include a rare work, or you want to list something a bit more obscure (a sunset in Hawaii) you can use these tools.

Personal Stories

Once you’ve selected a work of art, use the description box in the pop up menu to tell the story of how this art influenced you. Talk about the first time you heard or read the work of art. Share specifically how it inspired you as an artist or person. Tell your fans or friends about the time in your life when you first saw a movie or a band in concert. Don’t just make lists, but tell stories. The more personal the better!


You can build custom tabs to help categorize your influences. You could build tabs to document influences for a specific work of art (song, album, book, movie, etc), for a period of time in your life (college, the 80’s, New York, etc.) For instance, Quentin Tarantino could create a tab for Django Unchained to list all off the different art and artists that influenced his first entry into the western (or “Southern” as he calls it) genre.

Cross Link

Don’t limit yourself to just one entry. You can list a song by The Clash like “Stay Free” in Music, and then also upload an image of the “Crown and Sceptre Pub” that Mick Jones refers to in the lyrics in Images.

Have Fun

Have fun. Focus on positive influences. Inspire your fans and friends.

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