About MyInfluenc.es

MyInfluenc.es is a platform for artists and people to document and share their artistic influences. It’s also a way to discover new works from your favorite artists and your friends. It’s brought to you by a team of people at the intersection of the arts and technology. We’re based in Los Angeles. Our mission is to leverage technology to document the world’s artistic influences.

For Artists

Artists use MyInfluenc.es tools to document and share the art and artists that have influenced their work. These influences can be from any artistic discipline; music, film, literature, photography, fine arts, journalism – not just the artist’s specific area of specialty. But it’s more than just a list of favorites. Artists are encouraged to share personal stories of exactly how, when and where they were touched by these influences. Artists can document their influences in general, but also for specific works of their own such as a new film or album. A production designer on a new film could share the classic films, photography, or colleagues who influenced the look and feel of her new film. A singer songwriter can talk about the music, film and literature that inspired a new album or song.

For Everyone

At MyInfluenc.es we think everyone is an artist. So even if you haven’t (yet) written the great American novel, or recorded a hit album, you can still document and share the art and artists that have shaped your life. And while you may not have legions of fans hanging on your every word, you can bet that your friends and family (and future generations) will love to hear about the art that makes you, you.


Once you’ve documented an influence you can easily share it with your fans, followers or friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.


MyInfluenc.es allows you to browse by friends and artists that you’re friends with on Facebook. Soon, you’ll also be able to browse by artist type (Author, Designer, Cinematographer, etc.). If you have a favorite artist or friend that you’d love to see on MyInfluenc.es, send them an invitation by using the Invite Friends tool.


MyInfluenc.es is committed to saving and preserving the invaluable stories and information from artists for future generations. We believe these influences are incredibly valuable data that will have meaning not just for years, but for centuries! Imagine if we could read, in Shakespeare’s own words, who his favorite composers or playwrights were. Future generations will gain an invaluable source of information about art – and we’re sure find incredible ways to use this. New artists will be discovered and old ones celebrated again. But it’s not just for artists. Individuals will benefit as well. Imagine the joy your great, great grandchildren will have in discovering your favorite authors, films, and musicians.